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Our staff warmly welcome you to our school.


Miss Jo French 
Designated Safeguarding Lead

  Deputy Headteacher

Miss Lisa-Marie Reed
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

  Teaching Staff

Mrs Laura Stuart
Ash Class - Reception & Yr 1

  Miss Cathy Clack
Inclusion Manager/SENCo
Oak Class Yr 1 & Yr 2


Mrs Tamsin Iacono
Willow Class Yr 2 & Yr 3


Mrs Nicola Phillips
Beech Class Yr 3 & Yr 4 (Monday-Wednesday)


Mrs Jane Stagg
Beech Class Yr 3 & Yr 4 (Wednesday-Friday)


Miss Miriam Wells
Chestnut Class Yr 4 & Yr 5 (Monday-Wednesday


Mrs Katie Ashton
Chestnut Class Yr 4 & Yr 5 (Thursday, Friday am)
One to one tuition


Miss Lisa-Marie Reed
Sycamore Class Yr 6 (Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday pm)


Mrs Alice James
Sycamore Class Yr 6 (Wednesday am, Thursday, Friday am)
Chestnut Class (Yr 4 & Yr 5 Friday pm)


Mrs Amanda Lewington
PPA cover


Mrs Alice Hanratty
Beech Class (currently on leave)


Mrs Lottie Baker
Chestnut Class (currently on leave)

  Administration & Finance


Miss Tracey Schofield
Finance & Administration Officer


Mrs Hayley Wieland
Clerical Officer (Monday-Wednesday)


Mrs Debra Mather (mornings)


Mrs Shannon Thomas (evenings)

  Mrs Tracey Anthony (evenings)
  Crossing Patrol


  Midday Supervisory Assistants Mrs Alison Cobb

Mrs Barbara Baleani


Mrs Chris Williams


Mrs Claire Roberts


Mrs Sharon Lane


Miss Becky Townsend (cover MSDA)

  School Kitchen

Mrs Charlotte Riley


Mrs Nathalie Matthews

  Teaching Assistants

Rev Clair Southgate
Ash Class


Mrs Sharon Lane
Ash & Oak Class

  Mrs Barbara Baleani
Willow Class


Mrs Claire Roberts
Key Stage 2


Mrs Chris Williams
Key Stage 2 & Oak Class


Mrs Alison Cobb
Oak & Chestnut Class

Contact information for teachers is available on the individual class pages