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Ethos and Values

Plant, Nurture, Flourish, Serve
'It's like a mustard seed that man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree and the birds in the sky nested in its branches'.  Luke 13:19

The school garden is a very special and unique part of our school and is enjoyed for its beauty as well as a place to play and learn.  On their journey through the school the children are taught gardening jobs and are responsible for areas of the garden.  There are many opportunities for them to plant seeds, nurture plants and watch them flourish.  During our work on the vision the children are helped to explore how 'plant, nurture, flourish, serve' is a metaphor that can be applied to many aspects of their life.

We plant a wide range of seeds in our children in the form of knowledge, skills and new experiences; we nurture their development (providing extra support where needed) to enable all children to flourish. Children are given opportunities to serve by supporting and helping others, sharing work and expertise and by having responsibilities such as looking after a reception buddy, being a young leader or serving on a school committee such as eco-schools.

Our Prayer Book

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Big Questions and Discussion Topics

Some families have enjoyed discussing the big questions we use in assemblies at home. To support this we list the big questions and provide the 'Home School Values' activities sheet for families to download and do together to stimulate discussion and reflection on this page.

We focus each term's big questions and discussion topics on one of twelve values; these have been individually depicted in twelve beautiful mosaics, created by our children and a local artist.

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