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Clubs and Activities

Throughout the year we aim to offer a range of extra-curricular activities including day trips to support work in a variety of curriculum areas and inviting experts into school to work alongside the children.

In Yr 4 there is a three-day residential trip to Braeside and in Yr 6 pupils undertake a five-day trip, traditionally this has been to Stackpole in Pembrokeshire; both trips focus on outdoor and adventurous activities. Children are able to have music lessons on the flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, keyboard, cello or violin. A range of school clubs are offered throughout the year including football, multisport, gardening, netball, rugby, choir, orchestra, recorders and drama.

 Timetable of Clubs and Activities

At present we are not running all our after school clubs, the timetable below shows what we had running during 2019/20. We are running our music lessons, lunchtime sports clubs and after school football.

Day Activity Time Year Group Lead Person / Club Provider Where Cost
Monday Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone Morning Yrs 4-6 Mrs Holden Music Room £5.65 pl
  Sports Club Lunchtime Yrs 5-6 PH Sports Play Area n/a
  Multisport Club 3:20-4:20pm Yrs 1-2 PH Sports Play Area n/a
  Recorders Afternoon Yr 4 Miss French School Hall n/a
Tuesday Sports Club Lunchtime Yrs 3-4 PH Sports Play Area n/a
  Violin Morning Yrs 1-6 Mrs Osborne Music Room £5.65 pl
  Airborn - Mini 3:20-4:20pm Yrs 1-2 AirBorn School Hall £45 for 10 weeks
Wednesday Gardening Club 3:20-4:20pm All   Garden (weather permitting) n/a
Thursday Cello Morning Yrs 1-6 Mrs Moore Music Room £5.65 pl
  Choir 12:30-1:00pm Yrs 2-6 Kate Courage Group Room n/a
  Keyboard Afternoon Yrs 3-6 Mrs Moore Music Room £5.65 pl
  Cluster Sports Tournament 3:00-5:00pm Yrs 4-6 Teacher The Corsham School n/a
  Airborn - Maxi 3:20-4:30pm Yrs 3-6 AirBorn School Hall £45 for 10 weeks
  Football 3:20-4:30pm Yrs 3-6 Formula Football Rec £44 for 10 weeks
Friday Guitar All Day Yrs 3-6 Mr Stewart Music Room £5.65 pl
  Orchestra 12:30-1:00pm Yrs 3-6   Group Room n/a

Click on the links below for a taste of the clubs and activities on offer during the school year: