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Clubs and Activities

Throughout the year we aim to offer a range of extra-curricular activities including day trips to support work in a variety of curriculum areas and inviting experts into school to work alongside the children.

In Yr 4 there is a three day residential trip to Braeside and in Yr 6 pupils do a five day trip to Stackpole in Pembrokeshire; both trips focus on outdoor and adventurous activities. Children are able to have music lessons on the flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, keyboard, cello or violin. A range of school clubs are offered throughout the year including AirBorn, football, multisport, gardening, netball, rugby, choir, orchestra, recorders and drama.

2019/20 Timetable of Clubs and Activities
Day Activity Time Year Group Lead Person / Club Provider Where Cost
Monday Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone Morning Yrs 4-6 Mrs Holden Music Room £5.65 pl
  Sports Club Lunchtime Yrs 5-6 PH Sports Play Area n/a
  Multisport Club 3:20-4:20pm Yrs 1-2 PH Sports Play Area n/a
  Recorders Afternoon Yr 4 Miss French School Hall n/a
Tuesday Sports Club Lunchtime Yrs 3-4 PH Sports Play Area n/a
  Violin Morning Yrs 1-6 Mrs Osborne Music Room £5.65 pl
  Airborn - Mini 3:20-4:20pm Yrs 1-2 AirBorn School Hall £45 for 10 weeks
Wednesday Gardening Club 3:20-4:20pm All Bron Walton Garden (weather permitting) n/a
Thursday Cello Morning Yrs 1-6 Mrs Moore Music Room £5.65 pl
  Choir 12:30-1:00pm Yrs 2-6 Kate Courage Group Room n/a
  Keyboard Afternoon Yrs 3-6 Mrs Moore Music Room £5.65 pl
  Cluster Sports Tournament 3:00-5:00pm Yrs 4-6 Teacher The Corsham School n/a
  Airborn - Maxi 3:20-4:30pm Yrs 3-6 AirBorn School Hall £45 for 10 weeks
  Football 3:20-4:30pm Yrs 3-6 Formula Football Rec £44 for 10 weeks
Friday Guitar All Day Yrs 3-6 Mr Stewart Music Room £5.65 pl
  Orchestra 12:30-1:00pm Yrs 3-6 Vanessa Hammond Group Room n/a

Click on the links below for a taste of the clubs and activities on offer during the school year: