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Braeside 2019

UPDATE 3 - Friday 24th May 2019

Everyone enjoyed the walk to Roundway Down yesterday; they kept to the shade as much as possible walking through woodland to the top of the hill.

Dinner last night was their choice from a selection of sausages, mash potato, cheese and tomato pasta, Yorkshire puddings, sweetcorn and baked beans.  Dessert was meringue with fruit.  They have continued to eat well with everyone having second helpings. The catering staff have all commented on how well behaved and respectful the children have been.

Going to bed last night was very calm and peaceful, not a murmur was heard from the children after 9:10pm!

Today they will be learning survival skills and cooking their own lunch on a fire they have made and lit with a flint and steel. The children are due back to school at 2:30pm and can be collected then or at the normal time.

UPDATE 2 - Thursday 23rd May 2019 9:15am

The children are all very happy and settled.  They slept well and are eating very well – a big breakfast this morning and last night enjoyed chicken and bacon or quiche, roast potatoes and vegetables followed by ginger and lemon cheese cake with ice-cream, fruit and yoghurt.  Mrs. Phillips said that they are all being incredibly polite, taking a pride in their environment and doing lots of tidying and cleaning!

They had great fun on the low ropes course yesterday afternoon, were creative in their approach to the problem solving challenges and showed excellent team work strategies on the wobble board.

After their evening meal they completed their evening activity, photo orienteering around the Braeside grounds, before having a story and hot chocolate.  They were in bed by 9pm and lights out at 9:15.

Today they will be doing their six-mile walk to Roundway Down.

UPDATE 1 -Wednesday 22nd May 2019

They've arrived!
The children are all very happy, excited to be at Braeside, listening very well to all instructions and doing a great job of looking after each other. They are the only school there and are looking forward to having the whole centre to themselves. So far they have enjoyed their walk along the canal and a picnic lunch.