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2nd Day

We've had a brilliantly exciting day today- and it's not over yet. After wonderfully cooked pancakes for breakfast, the children did their next morning jobs. Farm job today, was bringing the sheep down from the field to the barn, ready for shearing. The children learnt that farmers have to be quick-thinking and ready to react to change, as they also had two cows join the trip. They also learnt the importance of shutting gates. After morning jobs, we had a picnic lunch before heading out for our walk. It was a steep climb in places but made all the more fun with games played along the way. One of the dogs joined us and it's surprising the people that wanted to take a turn walking and cuddling him! At the top of our climb, we had a treat of muffins and hot chocolate and realised that we are now over half way! Time has a funny way of playing tricks on us- making us feel like we've only just got here but at the same time thinking that we've been here forever!