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First Day

After waking up early, full of excitement for the first day on the farm, the day has certainly not disappointed. After our first two course breakfast of the week (cereal and full English this morning), we began our morning carousel of activities. Each morning the children will complete two activities out of: craft, farming, horses, woodshed, gardening and cooking, completing all activities by the end of the week. All children came back to lunch buzzing to tell their news of what they did. The first farming group had to catch the chicks and clean out their enclosure- a job completed with full gusto as you can see. Then it was lunch- pizza and salad today- before we headed off den building in the Forest of Dean. The dens were true palaces, with roofs, thrones and even a dog house- complete with dog that didn't want to leave it. We're just playing a few games before dinner and film night. All children are completely loving it and can't wait for a good night's sleep and more excitement tomorrow.