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Tuesday evening

First full day on the farm

The boys are all having showers at the moment – they have to have one daily! The girls are doing their jobs, feeding the animals and helping to prepare the evening meal. The day has been great, we’ve done so much and the food has been incredible, and they are all eating very well. We had a huge cooked breakfast this morning with cereal and toast and then vegetable chilli at lunch with twice baked potatoes and salad and banana bread this afternoon.

Each group has done jobs some of them are:

  • Cleaning out the pigs
  • Cleaning out lambs, ducks, chickens
  • Found a lamb that was rejected by its mum
  • Fed the pet lambs
  • Sprayed numbers on the lambs
  • Cleaned a field
  • Horses – walked them, groomed them
  • Gardening – potted on sweet peas, lay a bed of carrots
  • Moved the sheep up a field
  • Chopped and sawed wood
  • Cooking
  • Painted mugs
  • Made dens in the Forest of Dean

We can't remember them all!