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In term 3 we explored 'Courage'

Big Questions and Discussion Topics

Some families have enjoyed discussing the big questions we use in assemblies at home. To support this the big questions for term 3 on 'Courage' are listed below. You can also download the 'Home School Values' activities sheet on Courage that families can do together to stimulate discussion and reflection.


  • When do we need to be courageous?
  • Can you be scared and courageous?
  • What does it take to overcome your fears?
  • Do you have to have a fear to be courageous?
  • Do you have to be courageous to climb a mountain?
  • How can others help you have courage?
  • Is courage a thing you can give to other people?
  • Can you teach others how to be courageous?
  • Are animals courageous?
  • Why does the lion represent courage?
  • Is God courageous?
  • Does God help you be courageous?
  • Why was Jesus so courageous when he was about to die?
  • Did Jesus show courage when he died and he wasn't scared?