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Big Questions and Discussion Topics

Some families have enjoyed discussing the big questions we use in assemblies at home. To support this we have listed the big questions for the term and included the 'Home School Values' activities sheet that families can do together to stimulate discussion and reflection.

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  • Wisdom

    Published 20/04/20, by Tracey Schofield

    During term 5 we are exploring Wisdom

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  • Courage

    Published 01/01/20, by Tracey Schofield

    In term 3 we explored 'Courage'

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  • Trust and Respect

    Published 04/11/19, by Tracey Schofield

    During term 2 we explored 'Trust & Respect'

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  • Responsibility

    Published 01/09/19, by Tracey Schofield

    In term 1 we looked at 'Responsibility'

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