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Sycamore Class Homework 13.10

Homework due in Wednesday 1st November

This term our topic is the Mayan civilisation. We have already learnt a little about the size and scale of the Mayan civilisation, their achievements in mathematics, science and architecture, their discovery of chocolate, the games they enjoyed playing and how society was different for the rich and the poor of Mayan society. For your homework, I would like you to take two weeks to create something that informs others about the importance of the Maya. This could be a video like the one that we watched in class- Youtube clip – a leaflet, report or something else (please ask if you are not sure). Remember that this is a two-week homework so whatever you produce should represent two weeks’ worth of work. It can demonstrate the learning that you already have or you are welcome to research an aspect that interests you in more detail. I look forward to your creations!