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Home learning for 24th April

Attached is a grid so you can play the maths game that I will teach you in class on Wednesday.  I will have printed copies in class for you to take home but you will need to find your 0-12 dice.  Only the numbers 1-9 are valid for this game so if you roll a 10, 11 or 12 then simply roll again!  Instructions are below.

Parents - I will explain how to play this in class and we will have a go beforehand so your child will be an expert!  Instructions are below however.

Roll a dice.  Yourself and your partner put the same number somewhere on your own grid.  Continue to do this until your grid is full.  Then, score your grid - if you have any two or more numbers together in any row or column (not diagonal) then you add it together.  Find your total for each row and each column then add those totals together to give you the 'master score'.  Do some jottings around the outside to help you with your adding.  Who is the winner?

Play another game.  What did you learn about how to position numbers?  What did you do differently this time?  Did you beat your opponent?  

Please can this be completed and handed in by Tuesday 28th April.