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Beech Class homework

Beech Class homework

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  • Home Learning Tuesday 31st March

    Published 30/03/20, by Lottie Long

    I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

    Please find your new learning attached!

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  • Home Learning Monday 30th March 2020!

    Published 29/03/20, by Lottie Long

    Good morning Beech!

    I hope you have had a fabulous weekend!

    Please find your home learning attached :)

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  • Home learning 27th March 2020!

    Published 26/03/20, by Lottie Long

    You have very nearly completed your first week Beech class!

    Well done!

    Enjoy the activities set today and remember to have fun!

    Miss Long

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  • Mrs Ashton's Homework Thursday 26th March

    Published 25/03/20, by Katie Ashton

    Hello lovely Beech children, parents and carers,

    I will be your teacher today. I have set your learning and hope you will enjoy working through the activities I have planned with your adults. You will find the instructions and all the resources you will need below. If you have any problems or concerns or if you just want to say hello and send me your Amazing Learning Journey forms, then you can contact me at between 8.30am and 4.30pm.  

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  • Amazing Learning Journey

    Published 23/03/20, by Lottie Long

    Please find attached the Amazing Learning Journey form for the children to complete twice weekly. 

    For Miss long this should be sent back by Thursday at 9am.

    Mrs Ashton will have a different format for her learning!

    Miss Long

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  • Good Afternoon!

    Published 23/03/20, by Lottie Long

    Good afternoon Beech class!

    I hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather and are getting as much exercise in as possible! Possible bike ride? A big long walk? Gardening?

    Now you have done your home learning over the weekend to create your timetable, you should be all set for your learning tomorrow!

    More information will be sent this afternoon with instructions for your parents as well. 

    Those of you who have not picked up your home learning books yet... please do so today or tomorrow. A table has been set up in reception. You will need these books to complete your learning for tomorrow. 

    Have a lovely rest of your day!

    Miss Long

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  • Beech Home Learning 31.01.20

    Published 30/01/20, by Lottie Long

    Beech Home Learning 31.01.20 due 5.02.20

    Please practise your times tables on some of the following websites:

    Hit the button:

    You can choose between times tables or division facts!

    Maths fishing:

    This will cover your times tables as well as squared, cubed and doubled numbers.

    Times Tables Rock Stars:

    This will cover all your times tables with the added benefit of it being timed.

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  • Home Learning Ext - due 17th of January

    Published 19/12/19, by Lottie Long

    I have extended the homework for another week, to ensure it isn't eating into the Christmas break. The home is now due in on Friday the 17th of January. 

    This means from last week you would have 3 weeks of term time to complete the homework.

    I have attached the homework below. Children have been asking me what to use for the box, a cereal box or old shoe box will suffice please do not the feel the need that you have to buy a box!

    Have a lovely Christmas!

    Miss Long 


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  • Beech Homework 22.11.19, due 27th

    Published 21/11/19, by Lottie Long

    Homework 22.11.19

    Homework this week is to find facts on a Greek hoplite soldier which we will explore further in class in the form of a non-chronological report.

    The following questions should guide your research as this will be what we focus on:

    Who are the hoplite soldiers?

    What does a hoplite soldier do and wear?

    Why did the hoplite soldiers exist, what were their purposes/achievements?

    Where did the hoplite soldiers come from?

    When did the hoplite soldiers exist and has anything been continued?


    Please focus on the facts so present in bullet points and try and find interesting and obscure facts!

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  • Beech Homework 15.11.19

    Published 15/11/19, by Lottie Long

    This week we have been exploring our times tables on Times Table Rock Stars.

    For year 3's and 4's homework this week, I would like them to practise their times tables on garage mode and to work up to sound check mode! 

    Sound check mode is a lot quicker and focuses on rapid recall of times tables, which is fundamental! 

    They have gone home with their username and passwords - either stuck into their spelling books or reading journals.

    Year 3's have had 6 and 8 times tables set.

    Year 4's have had 7 and 8 times tables set.

    Please ask me if you need the password or username again.

    Miss Long 

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  • Beech Homework 23.10.19

    Published 24/10/19, by Lottie Long

    Homework this week has been continued from last week due to unforeseen technical issues. 

    The children have gone home with hard copies of how to do their spellings in creative ways. 

    A new spelling list was given out on Wednesday. However, copies are attached as well as another copy of the homework. 

    Have a lovely half term and see you back on the 5th!



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  • Beech Homework Due 23.10.19

    Published 19/10/19, by Lottie Long

    Please find attached the year 3/4 homework. This is for them to practice their spellings. Please choose two options. 

    Apologies for the delay, however we have had quite a few homeworks in late this week and this has had a roll on effect. Please ensure homework is returned on the Wednesday for marking. 

    Have a lovely weekend!

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