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Oak Class Homework set 29th April

Homework due in Tuesday 4th May

This week in maths we have all been thinking about numbers to 100.

Year 1s- Play the game ‘how many?’ We played this in class on Monday. Pick a handful of objects (it could be Lego, pasta, beads etc) and all take a turn to estimate how many you have. Then count to see who had the closest estimate. Remember it’s much easier to count large amount by making bundles of 10. Ten ones make a ten.  

Year 2s- we have been thinking about the different ways we can partition two digit numbers. For example 56 could be 50+6 or it could be 20+36 or 52+1. How many different ways can you partition 43?

If you are finding this difficult you could make some circles with 10s on and some circles with 1s on like we use at school. Make 43 with your counters and then physical split them in different ways.