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What's been happening in school?

September 2023

  • Awarding success!

    Published 29/09/23, by Lisa Reed
    Friday assembly is usually a cause for celebration at Box Primary School: celebrating successes in classes, through headteacher awards and merits, and celebrating successes outside of school, with medals, trophies and awards earned in clubs and socie
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  • Facing the music

    Published 22/09/23, by Lisa Reed
    Everyone is truly settling back into the new school year now: with Reception in full time, lunchtime and after school sports clubs in full swing and dulcet musical tones drifting through the school corridors. Choir is back, and stronger than ever,
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  • Harvesting our Vision

    Published 15/09/23, by Lisa Reed
    This week has been all about harvest: thinking about the farmers and how they are responsible for harvesting crops, harvesting our own crops in the school garden and celebrating Harvest Festival in the church. Thank you so much for your donations
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  • Welcome back

    Published 08/09/23, by Lisa Reed
    Welcome back to everyone in the Box Primary School family! It’s great to see so many smiling and happy faces around school. And a special welcome to our youngest and newest members in Ash Class. Our new Reception children have settled amazingly
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