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What's been happening in school?

November 2023

  • Walksafe

    Published 23/11/23, by Lisa Reed
    Road safety has been a hot topic in school recently, with Sycamore, Willow and Oak classes learning how to behave safely around roads with Walksafe. If you were driving through the village on Thursday, you would have seen Willow Class, dressed up
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  • Interfaith Week

    Published 17/11/23, by Lisa Reed
    This week, all classes have greatly enjoyed our whole school interfaith week focussing on the question ‘What do different religions and worldviews say about peace?’. It has been a fantastic week where RE has been taught through a range of
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  • Peace perfect peace

    Published 10/11/23, by Lisa Reed
    Peace has been on everybody’s minds in this week leading up to Remembrance Sunday. Especially for those in Sycamore Class, who on Friday, led a beautiful and emotive remembrance assembly. They spoke clearly with facts about why we celebrate rem
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  • Democracy not debatable!

    Published 03/11/23, by Lisa Reed
    This week Sycamore Class have been celebrating Parliament Week. They have been learning about the three parts of parliament (House of Commons, House of Lords and the monarch), how a government is elected and how every single person in the country (ev
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