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Sports Day

The sun was shining down our fantastic sports day today! We are so proud of every single member of Box Primary School for their amazing sporting attitudes! Everybody had a choice to take part in the long race - and it was LONG!- this morning and everybody chose to have a go. The children ran with energy and enthusiasm and even stopped to help others who had fallen over. They showed their excellence in trying their hardest, whether they were at the front or not- showing the Olympic value. 

This afternoon, they cheered with enthusiasm for all teams- showing the value of friendship- and again performed brilliantly in a wide range of races: from obstacle, to egg and spoon, to tunnel ball, to skipping, to name just a few. 

It was fantastic to see the way the children embraced the spirit of the day- having good fun, supporting each other and just doing the best that they can. 

All sports days have their winners and it was red team who retained the title this year, though the score was incredibly close- just 8 points separating second and joint thirds. 

Well done everyone! I think you've earned a rest this weekend!