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Spring-ing into life

Spring is truly starting to…. well…. spring…. into life at Box Primary School. The Willow Garden is home to an array of spring flowers: snowdrops, primroses, crocuses and daffodils. The cherry tree is starting to blossom. And the fresh buds of leaves are starting to grow around the grounds. However, nowhere has seen such a transformation as Ash Class! The classroom has miraculously turned into a spring paradise, complete with its own garden centre. Head down to Ash Class if you fancy buying some beautifully arranged flowers; you get free advice on how best to care for them- plenty of water, sunlight and soil were recommended. Want a new watering can? This too, can be yours at the very reasonable price of fifty- one hundred- million pounds. A bit much for you? Well, a little bit of haggling could get this down to one pound. Need some new seeds? Ash Class have a range that can be yours- they can even use their sprouting phonics knowledge to read the labels- p-ea-s peas! And r-a-d-i-sh radish! Very impressive Ash Class!