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Inspiring Courage

Oak Class taught us all how to find the ‘Lion Inside’ in their incredible assembly this morning. Our value this term is courage and, wow, Oak Class showed their unbelievable courage, performing and sharing- so confidently- in front of so many people at the church.

There was a wonderful retelling of the story ‘The Lion Inside’ in which every member of Oak Class joined in- how did they remember the whole thing? Amazing! A delightfully acted mouse and lion showed us that we all have a ‘little bit of mouse’ and a ‘little bit of lion inside of us’. I know I had to find my inner lion when Oak performed their tremendous roars- it took my courage not to be scared.

Oak Class then taught us how to find courage in different ways and in different situations. In some situations we need strength to help us: exemplified perfectly through what must have been nearly 100 push ups! In other situations we need bravery: demonstrated superbly through a defensive shield. And some people find their courage through talking with God: shown through a gentle and supportive friend.

And finally, Oak Class allowed us time to reflect whilst looking at their beautifully crafted candles- in memory of Candlemas.

Oak Class, it was a wonderful, heart-warming assembly and you have inspired us all to be courageous and find our inner roar!