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Ground breaking Geography

Have you heard the rumblings?! It’s true! Beech Class have been doing some fantastic learning this term on earthquakes! When presented with the question- Why does New Zealand have so many earthquakes? They had a seismic amount of knowledge! They were able to explain that this must be related to where the tectonic plates were, link this to their science learning and explain that the friction of the movement of the tectonic plates must be causing the earthquakes in New Zealand.  Seeing is believing though, and when Mrs Stagg showed Beech Class an image of the fault lines, they were amazed to see that one lay exactly on New Zealand. Luckily, not all earthquakes are serious and Beech Class confidently stated that if it had a magnitude of 6 or less on the Richter Scale, then it is unlikely to cause damage. No faults with their earthquake knowledge!