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What a Glorious Night

The encore said it all: What a Glorious Night! (And afternoon as well, actually.) The children performed our nativity this year spectacularly. Papa Duval taught us all about the true meaning of Christmas in a heart-warming tale about helping others in need. A beautifully bearded Papa Duval, along with the rest of the cast of nativity characters, villagers and people in need, spoke confidently and clearly, amazing us with how much they remembered to say and do. The sweetly sung solos were a moment that brought a tear to the eye and a silence descended on the church as Sycamore Class sang their song, in a performance worthy of Bath Abbey. The stars glittered and their smiles lit up the church as they performed their sparkling dance. What a joy it was to welcome the recorder players back to the nativity! They played their joyful tune perfectly as the shepherds made their way to Bethlehem. And the whole performance was made by the delight of the singing and the enthusiasm of the dancing. Just incredible. Thank you again to everyone who had a part in making it what it was: children, parents, staff and of course Kate.  I hope I’ve remembered everyone- maybe I should have stopped to take a little nap before writing. Now just to check that I have MY sat nav to get home!