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A Warming Glow

Along with the glow of a warming fireplace and a glow from festive fairy lights, another little glow has been lighting up the lives of children in Ash Class. They have been reading the story of Little Glow by Katie Sahota and Harry Woodgate. In this story, a lonely candle flame explores how different communities celebrate light. Each child in Ash Class created their own ‘Little Glow’ and took them on an adventure to their house to see how they celebrate. Little Glow had quite a few adventures on Christmas trees, on an ice rink and with families. Ash Class then wrote their own Little Glow adventure story. They were using their phonics knowledge superbly to sound out words and had perfectly spaced finger spaces between words. They have been working hard on their letter formation and were writing beautifully on the line. Truly incredible from the youngest members of our school.

The book concludes that even the smallest of lights has a very important purpose. This couldn’t be truer in our school either: even the youngest of children complete fantastic work that amazes and astounds. And I can’t wait to see Ash Class (and the rest of our school) shine in our nativity next week as well.