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Making History

Our KS2 classes have been engrossed in history during the last two terms, with their main topic being based on the history unit. Willow Class have been learning about the Victorians; Beech Class, Stone Age to Iron Age; Chestnut Class, the Romans and Sycamore Class, the Maya.

With Chestnut and Sycamore having their celebration days last term, this term it was the turn of Willow and Beech to have a day immersed in history.

Willow Class had a Victorian day last week, where Mrs Iacono took on the role of a Victorian school mistress, cane included (though not used, or even threatened, I hasten to add). The children spent the day learning in a Victorian way, including using an abacus for maths, and even had a Victorian lunch, where tropical wonders like bananas and oranges were definitely off of the table.

This week Beech Class was awash with furs and homespun fabrics as they enjoyed a Stone Age day. They learnt how roundhouses were made and made their own (scaled down) roundhouse: making a circle of sticks, covering that with clay (obtained from the riverbanks, I was reliably informed) and then creating a pitched roof. They learnt how to weave baskets and used raffia to weave their own baskets. And the final part of the day was a proper ‘stone’ age activity: using rocks to grind up various plants (lavender, thyme, mint and rosemary) to make beautiful smelling bags: great for hanging in wardrobes or for creating herbal teas.

It’s so wonderful seeing history come alive for the children and noticing their imaginations run wild for what the past was actually like: so important for the building of the future.