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Road safety has been a hot topic in school recently, with Sycamore, Willow and Oak classes learning how to behave safely around roads with Walksafe.

If you were driving through the village on Thursday, you would have seen Willow Class, dressed up safely in high visibility jackets, learning practically how to cross different roads. They learnt how to wait patiently and use their eyes and ears to be sure that it is safe to cross. At the zebra crossing, they waited for cars to stop and then crossed in pairs, looking slowly and carefully from side to side all the way across. They felt very grown-up learning how to do this on their own.

The school hall was then miraculously transformed into a bustling high street ready for Oak Class to learn how to use zebra crossings and puffin crossings. The ‘road’ was incredibly busy: full of cars motorbikes and lorries (all other members of Oak Class), some silent electrics and others with revving engines. First up was the puffin crossing. Taking it in turns they pressed the button, waited for the cars to stop and then watched for the green man. Slowly and sensibly, and looking both ways, they crossed. All made it brilliantly to the other side. Next was the next challenge of the zebra crossing. For this one, they had to stand just behind the kerb (no toes over the kerb) and wait for the cars to stop. When they judged it to be safe, they had to repeat the slow and sensible walk across. Again, all managed it superbly!

Very impressive work by all, and hopefully a skill that will help keep them all safe throughout their lives.