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A Term to Celebrate!

All of this term we’ve been celebrating different things: music, sports, maths, RE, Harvest and our brilliant new Reception children. As this first term comes to a close, our classes are now celebrating their learning of their topics.

Beech Class celebrated their topic of Stone-age to Iron-age with a trip to Stonehenge. As well as being amazed and impressed by the majesty of the stones up close, they were also treated to a workshop, where they learnt the techniques of how it was created. Beech Class recreated the lives of the workmen thousands of years ago: moving models of the stones on a sledge and finding out that pulling them across logs made this much easier; using pulleys to pull the stones into a standing position, being careful to pull them directly into the pre-dug holes and finished up with a truly wondrous completed Stonehenge of their own. It wasn’t all hard work though, as they were also able to handle artefacts that the workmen would have used- trousers made from pig skin, which apparently felt terrible, and spades made from animals’ shoulder bones! They even recreated the solstice, with a torch rising like the sun, shining through the outer stones to lie on the centre altar stone. This was followed by a party with music and games, which many children listed as their favourite part. Others though, much preferred the spectacle of simply seeing this wonder of the ancient world. Part of the fun was also trying to pull one of the fallen stones- even with all of the class and the volunteers it didn’t even budge a millimetre!

Oak Class are celebrating their topic of Farm to Fork with a trip to Warleigh Lodge Farm- I can’t wait to hear their farmyard tales!

Chestnut Class are due to celebrate their Roman day, including a walk to look at the local artefacts and time spent creating mosaics. And Sycamore Class will soon be celebrating a Mayan day, with maize tortillas and a game or two of pok-a-tok.

Willow Class and Ash Class will be joining in the celebrations as the new term begins.

We hope that you have all enjoyed this first term back and are as keen to celebrate the fantastic effort and learning that the children have achieved as we are!