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Friendship super powers!

We had a super treat this week with Oak Class’ assembly all about how to make a super, duper, truper friend! We were treated to special guest appearances by none other than Buzz and Woody as the children brilliantly acted out the recipe for a perfect friend. A dollop of kindness, a pinch of trust, a spoonful of smiles, a splash of patience, a jug of comfort and a packet of love were all added into a bowl and given a big stir. As if by magic, the most super and duper of all friends appeared and spread his kindness, patience and smiles on a tour of the church.

And if that wasn’t enough, we were then introduced to some very special, cute and fluffy friends to certain members of Oak Class and told all about how they are the perfect friend to cuddle.

I think we felt like we’d all had a lovely cuddle by the end of the assembly; leaving the church with huge smiles on our faces and ready to help spread the super message!