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Year 6 Residential

What a week it has been for our Year 6s! A whole week away from home for their Year 6 residential. We couldn't have asked for better weather for a whole week exploring the Monmouthshire countryside and helping out with farming on Jamie's Farm. Some were tested by certain activities but all rose to the challenge and everyone really threw themselves into the adventure. The most impressive thing was how they all came together as team: supporting each other if they became homesick and forging new friendships along the way. 

It was an absolutely incredible week! We helped out with all farm activities such as: herding sheep, grooming horses, cleaning out the pigs, chopping wood for firewood and exercising the dogs, to name a few (I'm not sure that cuddling the lambs was a job but it was something enjoyed by all). On top of this, we were responsible for cooking for each other and taking responsibility for preparing the dining room and clearing away afterwards. Everyone came away with a whole new range of skills that they didn't have before. 

The food was absolutely delicious and felt like it was never-ending. Just when you thought that you were full, they would serve something else and you would eat another plateful of that. The children ate incredibly well and challenged themselves to try different things (honest there was an actual challenge). 

The children were absolutely amazing! They made the school, their parents and themselves very proud.

I hope this makes sense- it was such a fun, enriching, uplifting week but it was also exhausting. And I, like the children, am ready for a week-long rest! 

I hope that you all have a lovely half-term break. If you would like to you could read a bit more about our residential on the Sycamore Class page.