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World Book Day

We have had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day! Thank you to everyone who helped make the day such a wonderful time. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes, which we shared at the beginning of the day in assembly. It was great fun guessing who everyone was! We also spent time sharing the first book that we remembered enjoying when we were little. Mrs Iacono and Miss Clack spoke about Enid Blyton's adventure stories capturing their imaginations, Mrs James the funny poems that she used to share with her mum, Miss Beattie the allure of the glittery rainbow fish, Mrs Stevenson the importance of a teacher for igniting a love of story telling and Miss Reed the comfort of sharing a book snuggled up to her lovely nan. Thank you parents for your book ideas as well: your ideas were used for an 'Articulate' style guessing game, which the children were incredible at. 

The day was filled with 'booky' activities including a book treasure hunt, being authors themselves, designing a front cover for their stories and a very special edition of 'The Masked Reader'. Various members of staff were recorded and distorted reading their favourite stories. The children had to try to guess who the adults were and which story they were reading. Can you guess who Boxer is just by using the clue? 

We hope that you have just as much fun continuing the 'booky' activities with your home learning and are already looking forward to next year!