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Sycamore Class Planetary Adventure!

Not to be outdone by their buddies, Sycamore Class have begun their topic of space this term. Though learning in Sycamore Class is a bit different to learning in Ash Class! Sycamore Class have been learning about the relative sizes of the planets and their distances from the Sun. They were amazed when looking at the Melbourne Solar System Trail: in this scale model of our solar system 1m is equivalent to 1,000,000km! Earth is 1.28cm and is 150m from the Sun. Sycamore then created their own models of the solar system...... not quite to that scale. 

Sycamore have also been creating their own planets and the aliens that live there, ready for writing their own story about an interplanetary adventure. I hope I never have to meet the 8-tentacled, eye stalked, oozing monster that some have described!