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Life Savers

Happy New Year! And welcome back to a new term at Box Primary School. Our term started with a visit from the Air Ambulance: Richard and Andrew were fantastic and taught every child, from Reception to Y6, how to save a life. The sessions progressed, with the youngest children learning how to stop bleeding, how to put someone in the recovery position (remember your HALO) and how to help someone who is choking (5 back slaps and 5 abdominal thrusts). The older children also learnt CPR and how it is different for adults, children and babies. The Year 6s were then taught how to use a defibrillator and how easy they are to use (even Rich managed to stay quiet to let the children do this without help). The most important lessons that everybody learnt is to make sure that there are no hazards and to call for help. Box Primary School feels like a very safe place to be right now- if anyone needs urgent medical care, we'll have an army of volunteers.

Please spread the message of how fantastic the Air Ambulance sessions are. The children have gained a life skill that could seriously end up saving somebody's life.