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Sycamore Publishers

This week has been an incredibly busy week for Sycamore Class. 

On Tuesday, they visited a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering And Maths) fair. They were amazed by a dancing Dalek, coded a robot owl, and found out how astronauts talk in space - to name but a few wonders!

On Friday, they led a beautiful Remembrance service in the church. They performed a moving song with a breathtaking harmony, read their poignant poetry inspired by WWI poets, reflected on the possibility of world peace and spoke their lines clearly for all to hear. (All of the teachers were talking about how proud they were!)

And on Monday, they finally were able to share their own children's books with their buddies. In pairs, Sycamore Class planned, wrote and illustrated their own children's books. The books were written especially for their buddies: with some deliberately using their buddies' names, favourite sport or favourite animal to really engage their buddies. Some had wonderful messages about acceptance and mental health- Dino-corns are truly special creatures and ducks can be great pets, especially when we all do the DUCK DANCE! Sycamore Class worked so hard designing their characters, writing the stories and creating all pictures on the laptops. Their buddies loved them! 

Have a great weekend Sycamore- you all deserve a break!