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  • Democracy Rules

    Published 03/02/23, by Lisa Reed
    Sycamore Class are officially informed citizens - it says so on their badges. Badges that they were given on their trip to The Palace of Westminster. It was a long (5 hours on a coach!) but rewarding day: full of new experiences for all.&nb
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  • Something for the mummies

    Published 27/01/23, by Lisa Reed
    Willow Class are thoroughly enjoying their topic of Ancient Egypt and there's no de-Nile about it. Not only are they learning to read and decode English, they're also amazing us with their ability to read and decipher hieroglyphics! Who knew
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  • Oh no it's a Gruffalo!

    Published 20/01/23, by Lisa Reed
    A teacher took a stroll through the Ash Class wood. The teacher saw their work, and their work looked good! If you haven't guessed already, the new topic for Ash Class is The Gruffalo! The classroom has been transformed into a magical woo
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  • Sycamore Class Planetary Adventure!

    Published 13/01/23, by Lisa Reed
    Not to be outdone by their buddies, Sycamore Class have begun their topic of space this term. Though learning in Sycamore Class is a bit different to learning in Ash Class! Sycamore Class have been learning about the relative sizes of the planet
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  • Life Savers

    Published 06/01/23, by Lisa Reed
    Happy New Year! And welcome back to a new term at Box Primary School. Our term started with a visit from the Air Ambulance: Richard and Andrew were fantastic and taught every child, from Reception to Y6, how to save a life. The sessions progress
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  • Merry Christmas!

    Published 16/12/22, by Lisa Reed
    It's been an incredibly frosty week and the children were very excited to have snow! We've been wrapping up warm to play out in minus temperatures, though a whole school conga was necessary to keep the chill out on Friday! This week,
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  • Little Amal and the Long Walk

    Published 09/12/22, by Lisa Reed
    It will come as a surprise to no-one that this week's blog is all about our nativity. And what a nativity it was! It felt so good to be back in the church again and to be able to welcome so many parents that haven't experienced a true Box Pri
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  • Anglo-Saxon Heaven

    Published 02/12/22, by Lisa Reed
    Chestnut Class have been completely immersed in Anglo-Saxon life (and death) today as they celebrated their term's topic with an Anglo-Saxon day.  The children looked amazing in their costumes: traditional tunics, headdresses, weapons, sh
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  • It's All Greek For Beech Class

    Published 24/11/22, by Lisa Reed
    Beech Class have been further immersed into their topic of Greece this week: making and tasting a Greek delicacy of spanakopita. The children were demonstrating their knife skills: chopping spinach, parsley and spring onions. As well as, me
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  • Ash Class are Out of This World!

    Published 18/11/22, by Lisa Reed
    Ash Class have been amazing Miss Beattie during their space topic with their out of this world writing!  Reception children take part in phonics lessons every day. They learn 4 new phonemes/ graphemes (how letters are pronounced/ so
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  • Sycamore Publishers

    Published 11/11/22, by Lisa Reed
    This week has been an incredibly busy week for Sycamore Class.  On Tuesday, they visited a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering And Maths) fair. They were amazed by a dancing Dalek, coded a robot owl, and found out how astronauts talk
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  • Expeditions to the past

    Published 04/11/22, by Lisa Reed
    We have had an amazing start to the new term - with not one, but two incredible class trips!  Beech Class started us off with their trip to the Bristol Museum. They were historians for the day, exploring and learning based on their topic of A
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