Class Organisation

Our classes are organised as follows:-


Ash Class

Mrs Grace Hobbs

Reception & Year 1 (Foundation & Key Stage 1)

Oak Class

Miss Lisa-Marie Reed

Years 1 & 2 (Key Stage 1)

Willow Class

Mrs Caroline Jarosz & Mrs Tamsin Iacono

Year 2 (Key Stage 1) & Year 3 (Key Stage 2)

Beech Class 

Mrs Nicola Phillips & Mrs Janine Stevenson

Years 3 & 4  (Key Stage 2)

Chestnut Class

Mr Joseph Goulding

Years 4 & 5  (Key Stage 2)

Sycamore Class

Mrs Alice James

Years 5 & 6  (Key Stage 2)


We have mixed age classes throughout the school. The criteria for moving children between classes is age; for example Oak Class will have the oldest Year 1 and the youngest Year 2 children. All children are taught according to their ability and our curriculum is on a two year cycle to take account of the fact that each child will spend two years in one of the classes during their time with us.